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Our world-class facilities are designed specifically to nurture your child, in keeping with our philosophy of the environment as the third educator. Every part of our indoor and outdoor areas are designed with intention to create calming yet engaging spaces to let your child thrive.

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The National Quality Standard (NQS) sets a benchmark for the quality of all education and care services across Australia.


Since COVID-19 remains a relatively mild illness for most children, the NSW Government is committed to school safety in 2022.


The SunSmart Program started in the early 1990s to help raise awareness about skin cancer prevention and sun protection.

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Providing a safe environment for our children, families, staff & visitors to our centres is paramount.

As part of our commitment to safety and emergency management, we conduct regular emergency preparedness & fire equipment training delivered by an accredited emergency response organisation.

We preform simulated emergency evacuation drills each with the children’s, which can be quite unsettling for child experiencing it for the first time, especially in centres where we simulate an audible fire alarm.

What we find with continuous practice is children begin to react in a calm and orderly manner especially the ambulant children, they line up immediately for the head count and prepare to evacuate. Often the older children are just as calm as their teacher/s preparing them to evacuate.

We ensure the safety features of our buildings the known as “Essential Safety Measures” are serviced & maintained at intervals as set out by Australian Standards, Building Acts and State & National legislation.

“Essential Safety Measures” are our first line of defence in an emergency or fire situation, poorly maintained or non-maintained Essential Safety Measures put lives at risk.

  • Monthly emergency management exercises (either an evacuation drill or emergency lockdown drill)
  • Annual emergency preparedness training & fire equipment training delivered by an accredited emergency response organisation
  • Monthly fire panels testing
  • Monthly fire sprinkler testing
  • 6 monthly fire extinguisher testing
  • 6 monthly emergency lighting testing
  • Quarterly exit door checks
  • Quarterly paths of travel to exit or discharge from exit checks
  • Annually we engage an independent auditor, who audits each building, audits service provider logbooks, our internal safety checks & observes an evacuation drill.

If all is in order an AESMR issued (annual essential safety measures report) which certifies the building as safe to occupy

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All Bambini Centres offer open, light-filled spaces free from clutter with different zones to promote collaboration, communication and exploration.

Bambini Netwown, Aphrasia Street Centre

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